Repaired // You Won't Be Dead

by heka

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(on resurrection and wonders of the heart./


"put some special tubes into the right side of the heart.
put some tapes around the great veins
that enter the right side of the heart.
when these are snugged down,
direct all the blue blood
back to the heart."

"It seemed incredible that it could be probed,
open to examination,
cut into,


"we knew there was a hole in his heart but where?
how could this organ function at all with a hole in it?!"/


/I wanna pick up the pieces of a broken pot,
collect them from the floor to the table,
I wanna wake in the morning and find them gone,
back into the cupboard as a whole.

I wanna pick up the pieces of your shattered heart,
leave them laying on the table for the night.
I wanna wake in the morning and find it intact,
pumping on the surface in a puddle of blood.

I wanna open you chest and put it back,
softly placing it between the cushions of your lungs.
And when I sew back your limbs with a golden thread,
you won't be dead anymore, you won't be dead.


released March 22, 2017
Francesca Brierley (a.k.a. heka) - vocals, instrumentation, arrangement; production (on "Repaired/")

Frankie Harper - production of "/You Won't Be Dead"



all rights reserved


heka London, UK

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